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underneath adv
1 on the lower or downward side; "a chest of drawers all scratched underneath"
2 lower down on the page; "diagrams with figures underneath"
3 beneath by way of support; "a house with a good foundation underneath"
4 under or below an object or a surface; "we could see the original painting underneath"

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  1. below; in a place beneath.
    We flew underneath the bridge.
  2. On the underside or lower face of.
    We looked underneath the table.


  1. under, below, beneath.
    Underneath the water, all was calm.
  2. Under the control or power of.
    There was little freedom underneath the jackboot.


  1. Under, lower
    You can have the underneath bunk.


  1. The part under or lower.
    The underneath of the aircraft was painted blue.

Extensive Definition

Underneath is an album by American pop/rock and Indie group Hanson. It was released in 2004 by 3CG Records. It is the band's first release on their own independent record label.

Worldwide sales

To date, the album has sold more than 350,000 copies, 137,000 of which were US sales and around 17,000 of which were sold in the UK, making this their lowest selling official release. This despite the success of "Penny & Me", which hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart and #10 on the UK Top 40. The second single, "Lost Without Each Other", didn't chart in most countries, and only reached number #39 on the UK Top 40. Hanson themselves have said that they have endured a financial loss in making and releasing the album, to the point where in some places, the album itself transitioned from mainstream retail locations to discount stores, particularly across England. It has been speculated that any loss will be or has been made up from tour proceeds, as they tend to generate more direct income for bands than record sales can.

Underneath chart positions

  • Billboard Top 200 - #25
  • Billboard Top Independent Albums #1
  • UK Top 75 - #49

Track listing

  1. "Strong Enough To Break" (Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, Zachary Hanson, Greg Wells)
  2. "Dancin' In The Wind" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  3. "Penny & Me" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  4. "Underneath" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson, Matthew Sweet)
  5. "Misery" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  6. "Lost Without Each Other" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson, Gregg Alexander)
  7. "When You're Gone" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  8. "Broken Angel" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  9. "Deeper" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  10. "Get Up And Go" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  11. "Crazy Beautiful" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
  12. "Hey" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson, G. Wells)
  13. "Believe" (I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
[Hidden Tracks: "Crazy Beautiful Remix" & "Lulla Belle" are in the song Believe]


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bed, bedrock, belly, below, beneath, bottom, bottom side, breech, buttocks, clandestine, covert, downside, fundament, furtive, hardpan, hole-and-corner, lower side, lowest layer, lowest level, neath, nether side, nethermost level, rock bottom, sole, stealthy, subordinate to, substratum, surreptitious, under, under-the-table, underbelly, undercover, underlayer, underside
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